to all here on earth.

I’ am a writer, a naive one, a philosophy, a taxi driver; I’m a designer, a toolmaker, interested in natural healing, in spirits, plants and birds.

All my live looking at the behavior of the human, and the more I see, the more questions grow in me.
You can say to all of them just "Why?"
But that´s not the reason I write here in this forum.
Only a few words I read and then I had to write...

I made a trip to the stars, through this universe, through others, through black holes and back, met some individuals, some good ones, some bad ones, and visited some planets all around.

And everywhere I stayed a little time, in all universes I saw something equal.

A pure Energy like a crystal, or a metal planet, or a solar system with 8 suns around a planet, pure energy for all life around.

And I remembered about our planet Earth.
And thought about her pure Energy, may be our suns energy to give life in our solar system. And as I had been back on earth I visited the deepest point in our ocean, near Japan.
And there I met the spirit of our Earth.
What a great moment, I fall half to death when I saw, when I felt her, but this moment I was unable to speak, only in my brain, there was one word: thanks.
And I wished no more to speak,
silence, and wanted to play this silence on a piano.

And I know, you can see this energy all over the world, you don´t have to go away, to visit the universe, or just in the little of our neighbour planets. It´s here on our planet, where ever you are, just in you.

That is, I want to tell you.