Stand up

Free the world for heart and peace

It is the fact, all around the world, that people have less hope they should have.
Hope the world can be changed to a better one.
There are many reasons for this world, and at the top of them, we must be named.
But we have the might to make a better world. We are able to live more intuitive,
to leave the business, the money, we are able to give our heart a bigger chance.
We can change the world, just because we are so many.
We can change the world, our life, if we believe, if we say thank you every morning,
every evening, if we say thank you to another one, if we see good things, and think better.
We can change the world if we want it with all our might and our heart.
If you believe that, with your heart and soul, the world blossom out.
Many problems we human have, the oil prize, the politicians, people who force women,
people who kill, people who make cruelty to others, to animals, people who make others
life worst, war, weapons, our ill nature. Oh, come on! Shall i count all problems,
you hear every day, you feel every day... ?
Look at the news, look during the shopping, in your job, on the street, where ever you be,
and meet anyone else, your hear it from your friends, you can read it in books.
All you have to do is, to smile, but it´s not a lie, it comes from your heart, if you believe.
You have to feel it, and then it change.
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It is only a sign, but your heart, your thoughts have to change too.
If we stop shopping, only the things for our health, and food,
if we just get gas only from one on factory, if we smile to others,
if we say thank you to others, to the universe, if we try to understand others,
to accept them, if we laugh we will change the world. Be strange enough to stay at this way,
and strange enough waiting for it.

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